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Slaughterhouses of Modernity

The quasi-fascist architecture of Francisco Salamone’s slaughterhouses in the Argentine pampas, the utopian buildings by Freddy Mamani Sylvestre in El Alto, Bolivia, and the restorative “City Palace” in Berlin are the cornerstones of an analytical documentary film that explores the dual character of architectural modernism in the field of tension between avant-garde and political propaganda.

Heinz Emigholz

A freelance filmmaker, visual artist, cameraman, author, publicist and producer. He began experimental filmmaking in 1968. For the past two decades, German filmmaker Heinz Emigholz has dedicated himself to a series of documentaries that focus on the work of visionary 20th century architects, the origins and fate of modern architecture. Again and again exploring border areas between art and film, disavowing traditional voice-over commentary, Emigholz reduces his soundtrack to ambient sounds and the acoustic experience of the spaces he explores.


Film sessions

09.24 Sunday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 15:15 Presentation

09.26 Tuesday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 21:15 Presentation


Director: Heinz Emigholz
Screenplay: Heinz Emigholz
Cinematography: Heinz Emigholz, Till Beckmann
Editing: Till Beckmann, Heinz Emigholz
Sound: Esteban Bellotto, Rainer Gerlach, Ueli Etter, Markus Ruff, Christian Obermaier, Jochen
Music: Kiev Stingl „Einsam WEISS boys“
Producers: Frieder Schlaich, Irene von Alberti
Production: Filmgalerie 451
Germany, 2022, 80 min.