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Children's program "To the Moon and back"

Bird Boy

Reshat plays with his friends, visits his father’s grave, looks at old photos with his grandmother, and does his homework because his mother tells him to. But he prefers to be with the pigeon keeper. His father taught him that he should be kind to birds because souls fly to heaven on their wings. While Reshat is learning all about pigeons, he discovers what he really wants.

Simon Lereng Wilmont

Graduated as a documentary film director from the National Film School of Denmark in 2009 and also holds a BA in Japanese. He is best known for the feature documentary “The Distant Barking of Dogs” (2017) and his two previous films “The Fencing Champion” (2014) and “Chikara – The Sumo Wrestlers Son” (2013).

Selected Filmography

The Distant Barking Dogs / Olegs krig, 2017

The Fencing Champion / Fægtemesteren, 2014

Chikara – The Sumo Wrestlers Son / Chikara – sumobryderens søn, 2013

Dancing for You

Every morning, 12-year-old Wiktor’s grandmother lovingly wakes him up. Once he’s had breakfast and gotten dressed, Wiktor is ready for an intense day at ballet school, where he and his classmates are rehearsing for an important performance. All the proud parents will be sitting in the front row, and while Wiktor’s kind grandmother will of course come, the young dancer is desperately hoping that his father, who lives abroad, will be there, too. Wiktor wants nothing more than to make his father proud.


International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) – Best Children’s Documentary, 2019

Euganea Film Festival – Special Mention, 2019

Central and Eastern European Film Festival “CinEast” – Audience Award for Best Short Documentary, 2019

Katarzyna Lesisz

A graduate of the renowned Film School in Lodz, Poland. Her short documentary Dancing for you has won the main prize at IDFA for Best Children’s Documentary in the Kids & Doc section. Her other short documentaries are widely shown in film festivals all around the world.


Sashka / Saszka, 2018

A New Tomorrow, 2017

Our Little Game / Taka nasza gra, 2015

My Brother’s Life, 2015

To the Moon and Back

It’s summertime, and Kess is enjoying her vacation with friends at the outdoor swimming pool. She has just said farewell to elementary school and is getting ready to start high school. Her older sister Bo died when Kess was nearly five years old. She keeps Bo’s things close to her and hopes that the two of them will stay connected somehow. But she’s scared that her memories of Bo will fade with time. As Kess doesn’t want her new classmates to pity her, she wonders how much she wants to share with them, hoping to be seen as independent from her sister, and being able to create her own story.

Sara Kolster

Director and designer from The Netherlands who specializes in digital storytelling. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Sandberg Institute works for Mediamatic Art Centre in Amsterdam. As an independent maker, she has developed award-winning interactive productions in a wide range of media, from Virtual Reality, web documentary, animation to spatial interactive installations.


A Temporary Contract, 2017

Drawing Room, 2015

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Bird Boy

Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont

Screenplay: Simon Lereng Wilmont

Cinematography: Simon Lereng Wilmont

Editing: Michael Aaglund, Rasmus Stensgaard Madsen

Sound: Rune Palving

Music: Ali Helnwein

Producer: Maria Stevnbak Westergren

Production: Toolbox Film

Denmark, 2019, 22 min.

Dancing for You

Director: Katarzyna Lesisz

Screenplay: Katarzyna Lesisz

Cinematography: Michał Dymek, Sebastian Weber

Editing: Michał Poddębniak

Producer: Justyna Koronkiewicz

Production: Ewa Jastrzebska / Munk Studio – Polish Filmmakers Association

Poland, 2018, 18 min.

To the Moon and back

Director: Sara Kolster

Screenplay: Sara Kolster

Cinematography: Rogier Timmermans

Editing: Riekje Ziengs

Animation: Sara Kolster, Tonke Koppelaar

Sound: Anneloes Pabbruwee, Eric Leek

Music: Roald van Oosten

Producer: Anouk Houtman

Production: Basalt Film

The Netherlands, 2019, 16 min.