Nijole doesn’t really like people. She is provocative, an artist, an iconoclast. And much of this was inherited by her son, Antanas Mockus. Along with the peculiar relationship between mother and son – in fact Antanas is the film’s guiding force – their communication and lack thereof, the memories of a Lithuania that, in times of war, had to be fled from, her artistic works and her written reflections, this film has the same irreverent, strong, and somewhat disperse character of the fascinating woman it portrays.

Sandro Bozzolo
Bozzolo studied Communication and Cinema in Italy, Lithuania and Colombia and is PhD in Migration Studies. He directed the documentaries Amazonia 2.0 (2011) and Ilmurrán Maasai in the alps (2015, best Italian Doc 'Libero Bizzarri'). He also wrote the book “Un sindaco fuori del comune”, published by EMI in 2012.

Selected Filmography

Amazonia 2.0, 2011
Ilmurran – Maasai in the Alps, 2015
Makhno, 2017
Alta Val Tanaro, 2017
Tanchi. Il pittore, l’uomo, 2018

Film sessions

09.19 Thursday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 19:00 Presentation

09.20 Friday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 20:40 Presentation

09.23 Monday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 15:20
  • Romuva (Kaunas) 17:30 Presentation

09.25 Wednesday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 20:30 Presentation

10.02 Wednesday
  • Kultūros fabrikas (Klaipėda) 18:00


Director: Sandro Bozzolo
Maria Cecilia Reyes, Sandro Bozzolo
Sandro Bozzolo
Editing: S
ilvija Vilkaitė, Maria Cecilia Reyes
Lina Lapelytė
Vytis Puronas
Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė, Max Chicco
Just a Moment
Lithuania, Italy, 2018, 80 min.