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Three Hats

“Three Hats” is a story about three unique hat-wearing artists: actor Valentinas Masalskis, philosopher Algis Mickūnas and painter Rimantas Olšauskas.

It is a cheerful, joyous and philosophical story not just about talented persons in hats, but also about the drive for, and the joy and meaning of creativity and life itself.
All the characters in the film are somewhat similar in their maturity of thought, fundamental works, understanding of the universe and, of course, the shared silhouette, finalised by the hat. And yet, they are also very different. Although Algis Mickūnas is the eldest of the three, he radiates youthfulness, freedom and unparalleled sharpness of the mind. People often call Valentinas Masalskis a philosopher. His thoughts on the creative work of an actor are treatises of a sage; he strictly adheres to his views and principles and strives to educate his students accordingly. To them, he’s a guru, a teacher in the fullest sense of the word.
The tranquil Rimas Olšauskas might not say a single word, just sitting there, slowly smoking his pipe, but his insights into art or honest disclosures about life are intellectually provoking.

 All of them are misfits, far-seeing prophets of their own truths. 

Ramunė Rakauskaitė

Working as a professional director and scriptwriter since 1997. Directed short films and documentaries. She has gained awards and prizes in national and international film festivals and has been working as a university lecturer since 2014. In 2010 she has edited the memoirs book about film director H. Sablevicius.

Selected Filmography

Radvilliad (2014)
Cheese Maker (2006)
January 13th Ten Years After (2002)
Algimantas Kezys. Strokes for the Portrait (1997)

Film sessions

09.27 Wednesday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 19:00 Presentation

09.29 Friday
  • Pasaka (Vilnius) 18:00

10.08 Sunday
  • 17:00


Director: Ramunė Rakauskaitė
Screenplay: Ramunė Rakauskaitė
Cinematography: Audrius Kemežys
Music: Faustas Latėnas
Editing: Kostas Radlinskas
Producers: Arūnas Matelis, Ramunė Rakauskaitė
Lithuania, 2017, lithuanian language, 43 min.