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Dixie Land

The flying kites, blue sky, waves and jazz music in the air. Children’s orchestra “Dixieland” performs in a grim post-Soviet landscape. Practising their craft with tenacity and enthusiasm, the kids ignore cracked walls of school or abandoned playgrounds. The long-lived elderly leader of the band, Semyon Nikolayevich, is concerned about every student till the end of his life. Children pay tribute to the professor even when he lies in a sickbed. This is not a mere history of the band. With a profound delight in the details of daily life and a smart and subtle sense of humor, the film prooves that kindness can be found anywhere. Especially, “when saints go marching into adult life”.

Roman Bondarchuk

Graduated from the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Roman Bondarchuk has created a number of short films, documentaries, and music videos. He wrote several books of fiction, and has participated in photography and contemporary art exhibitions. Received awards at national and international film festivals. Works as an art director for the Internationl Human Rights  Documentary Film festival “Docudays”. Collaborates with various TV channels.


Odesa International Film Festival – “Golden Duke” for the Best Ukrainian feature

Selected filmography

Ukranian Sheriffs (Ukrainskije Šerify, 2015)
Euromaidan. Rough cut (Evromaidan. Chornovy montazh, 2014)
Cafe “Voyage” (Kafe “Voyazh”, 2013)
The Taxi Driver (Taksist, 2011)

Film sessions

09.30 Saturday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 18:00 Presentation

10.01 Sunday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 17:00

10.06 Friday
  • 17:00

10.08 Sunday
  • Kultūros fabrikas (Klaipėda) 17:30


Director: Roman Bondarchuk
Screenplay: Daria Averchenko
Cinematography: Roman Bondarchuk, Andrey Lisiecki
Editing: Roman Bondarchuk
Sound: Boris Peter
Music: Anton Baibakov
Producers: Ilona Bicevska, Simone Baumann, Daria Averchenko, Uldis Cekulis
Production: South, Avantis, Saxonia Entertainment GmbH, VFS films
Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, 2016, orig. language, english, lithuanian subtitle, 60'