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“Sidewalk” is a film about what disappears unstoppably out of our memory, out of our lives. This is a film about duty to ourselves and to others. This is a film about daily round, age, about love between two people, and life. This is a film about us in the present and in the future.

Julius Dautartas

Theatre director. In 1977, graduated from the present Lithuanian Music And Theatre Academy with a degree in acting. In 1983, graduated from the Lunacharsky State Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) in Moscow with a degree in drama theatre direction. Later on, worked as a director in the Panevėžys Drama Theatre (present Juozas Miltinis Drama Theater), and, in 1988–1990, in Kaunas National Drama Theatre. In 2002, staged several plays in the National Drama Theatre. In 2004–2012 was a member of Lithuanian Parliament. Since 2012, works at Mykolas Romeris University.

“Son-in-law” by Vincas Krėvė (best production based on a national play), Director, 1983.
“The Old Willow’s Tale” (Ministry of Culture Prize, best production based on a national play, A. Samulionis Prize), Co-director, 1996.
“The Drowned Summer”, based on the works of Marius Katiliškis, Director, 2002.
“Cinderella”, based on world fairy tales, Director, 2012.
“The Ghetto”, adapted from a play by Juozas Sabolius, Director, 2015.
“The New Patriots”, adapted from a play by Petras Vaičiūnas, Director, 2016.
“Rain God” by Alvydas Šlepikas, Director, 2016.
“Sidewalk”, Documentary by Julius Dautartas and Skirmantas Pabedinskas, 2016.

Skirmantas Pabedinskas

Reporter and cameraman for the Lithuanian National Broadcaster, with a career spanning over 45 years. Former Head of the Lithuanian Television News Agency. As a reporter for the Lithuanian Television, worked in the USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines, Great Britain and other countries. During his years in television, made dozens of documentary films, including “For Whom the Grindstones Howl”, “Here and Now”, “The Riverbed with No End”, and “Sidewalk”.

Multi-prize-winner of the Baltic States television and radio workers’ creative competitions that took place in 1975–1985.
In 1985 was named a distinguished journalist.
In 1991 awarded with the January 13th medal.
In 2001 received the Vincas Kudirka Prize of the Lithuanian Journalists Union.
In 2014 received the LRT Lithuanian National Radio and Television “The Golden Bee” award.

Film sessions

09.29 Thursday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 20:00 Presentation


Director: Julius Dautartas, Skirmantas Pabedinskas
Cinematography: Skirmantas Pabedinskas
Editing: Valentinas Ryčkovas
Editor: Zinaida Paškevičienė
Lithuania, 2016, 45’