Special Screening / Triangle Lifted: Krystian Lupa Stages ‘Heroes Square’  

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Triangle Lifted: Krystian Lupa Stages ‘Heroes Square’

This film follows the rehearsals of ‘Heroes Square’, staged by the famous Polish theatre director, Krystian Lupa, who works with the text of his favourite writer, Thomas Bernhard, at the Lithuanian National Theatre in 2015. These rehearsals resemble a séance of spiritualism because it’s seldom clear which text is delivered by a certain character, and which is added by Lupa himself. It seems that the director communicates with the spirit of Bernhard through his personal experience… “I lived on the ninth floor back then, it was an evening, windows open. Suddenly I see a bright shining triangle in my room. It moves towards the window, shortly makes a comeback and then turns towards the window again. ‘If you leave the window, I’ll jump out after you’, I told it…” – Lupa shares his personal memories in one of his recent rehearsals, as he talks about Bernhard’s alter ego, Schuster’s, suicide.


Film sessions

09.25 Friday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 18:00 Presentation


Director: Mikas Žukauskas
Scriptwriter: Mikas Žukauskas
Cinematography: Mikas Žukauskas, Donatas Buklys
Music: Arturas Bumšteinas
Editing: Mikas Žukauskas
Production: Theatre and Cinema Information and Education Centre
Lithuania, 2015, 50’