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Cinema ‘Remains’: History Returns

Director and cinematographer Robertas Verba’s documentary film, Dreams of the Centenarians (‘Šimtamečių godos’, 1969), is considered a canonical film, representing a particular era of Lithuanian filmmaking – and extraordinary artworks are often related to extraordinary stories. The NGO, ‘Meno Avilys’, decided to verify one of these stories – Is it true that after the movie was made, hundreds of metres of footage were left unused?

The leftover footage was lost in archive storage. ‘Remains’ – this is how archivists generally call obscure material that they cannot assign to any film or author. There were plenty of such ‘remains’ to be found. The team found more than three hours of stunning, interesting footage, and in this screening you will see the original documentary, Dreams of the Centenarians, and selected additional footage.

Meno Avilys aim to actualise Lithuanian cinema heritage, and recall Lithuanian documentary cinema, by digitising and restoring old Lithuanian movies. During the event, you will be introduced to the new DVD collection, ‘Lithuanian Documentary Film Anthology’.


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09.18 Friday
  • Skalvija (Vilnius) 18:30 Presentation