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Anton’s Right Here

Scattered and uneven, “Anton's Right Here” charts four years in the life of Anton, a young Russian boy suffering from severe autism who, contrary to the film's title, seems to exist in an internal world far, far away. Anton's life is upended after his mother is diagnosed with fatal cancer and he meets filmmaker Lyubov Arkus, in whom he finds a vital supporter and caregiver, and Arkus's chronological documentary details Anton's day-to-day existence with mother Rita and, later, his time shuttling between rural camps for similarly disadvantaged youth and understaffed psychiatric hospitals where overuse of drugs and general lack of attention are a constant problem.

Festivals and Awards

Golden Eagle Award for the Best Documentary, Russia (2013)
Nika Prize for the Best Documentary, Russia (2013)
Festival of Central and Eastern Film, Wiesbaden (2013) - Best Documentary
Middle East International Film Festival, UAE (2012) - Best First Documentary
International Human Rights Film Festival (2012) - Special Prize and Novaya Gazeta Award
Venice International Film Festival (2012)
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (2012)

Liubov Arkus

Was born in L’viv, Ukraine in 1960. Graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1984. She worked as the secretary of literature for Victor Shklovsky, the editor of the film studio Lenfilm. In 1989, Arkus, along with A. Golutvoi, founded the magazine Séance and has been its editor-in-chief since 1993. The author, compiler, and editor of a seven-volume compilation called “Contemporary History of Film of the Motherland: 1986 – 2000” (“Séance”, 2001-2004), Arkus has also been published in many magazines: “Iskusstvo Kino”, “Séance”, “Sovetski Ekran”, “Ogonek” as well as in many newspapers: “Izvestia”, “Vremya MN” and more. Arkus has been the recipient of numerous prizes: prize for best book on film (“Sokurov”, 1994), Gildin award (“Séance” № 15, 16, 1998); winner of the thesis competition “Book of the Year” held by “The Encyclopediaist” at the XV Moscow International Exhibition Book Fair (“Contemporary History of Film of the Motherland: 1986-2000”, 2002). “Anton’s Right Here” is her first film. 


Director and Scriptwriter: Liubov Arkus                                                         Cinematography: Ališer Chamidchodžaev, Pavel Kostomarov                                      Music: Max Richter                                                                                                       Film Editing: Georgij Ermolenko, Dimitrij Sidorov                                                 Producers: Aleksandr Golutva, Sergej Selianov                                              Production: Intercinema, CTB Film Company                                                             Russia, 2012, 110 min.