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Vincas Svirskis

It is a film about a 19th century Lithuanian folk artist who carved wooden sculptures. It was art critic Irena Kostkevičiūtė, the author of a book about Vincas Svirskis, who prompted the idea to preserve the artworks of the nation’s talent. Due to her efforts, many were preserved that had not been destroyed by time or Soviet functionaries. The film crew worked in the Kėdainiai region, as it was there that most of Svirskis’s crosses and sculptures of Pensive Christ were made. Verba refers to those artworks as a part of nature, and nature as the source of inspiration. Centenarians share their memories about Svirskis capturing the destiny of his sculptures, what has remained and what has decayed in the face of time.


Scriptwriter: Irena Kostkevičiūtė
Cinematography: Vladimiras Kostiugovas, Robertas Verba
Music: Vytautas Barkauskas
Film Editing: Vytenis Imbrasas, Rimtautas Šilinis
Production: Lietuvos kino studija
Lithuania, 1967, 10 min.