Robertas Verba Retrospective  

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The Whole of Lithuania has Gathered Here

Robertas Verba’s films about the song festivals are a witness to the regime becoming harsher. It is the rather untraditional ten-minute fragment To the Feast – full of joy and considered to be edited from snippets of the final version – that has received the most attention. Or maybe it is the final version that was edited from the snippets of this one because that was indeed the idea behind To the Feast. Robertas Verba intended to show the musicians gathering from all over Lithuania. The Ministry of Culture, however, which had commissioned the film, did not see itself in the story. Films that Verba was commissioned to make today are judged forgivingly, even with a tint of irony, and now are seen as an inevitable tribute to the period.

If we take a deeper look into it, we see that Verba together with a group of cinematographers have managed to see and capture individuals in a huge crowd of people. Through his films about song festivals (others in 1977 and 1985) the director revealed the changing state of the country. The Whole of Lithuania has Gathered is the most vivid of those reportages.


Scriptwriters: Laima Pangonytė, Robertas Verba
Cinematography: Jonas Abaronas, Arvydas Baronas, Aloyzas Jančoras, Zacharijus Putilovas
Film Editing: Rimtautas Šilinis
Production: Lietuvos kino studija
Lithuania, 1970, 30´, 10 min. fragment