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The Sisters

With the 100th anniversary of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis fast approaching, all people that were one way or another related to him became very important. The heroes of the film are the artist’s sisters, Jadvyga and Valerija Čiurlionytė. Robertas Verba always sought to reveal one’s personality; he would never highlight the difference between well-known figures and the ordinary villager. In the film Sisters he is likewise interested in the way these women communicate with each other, their mood, state of mind, relationship, and seemingly insignificant remarks.


Scriptwriters: Anzelmas Lileikis, Robertas Verba
Cinematography: Aloyzas Jančoras
Film Editing: Zacharijus Grigoraitis
Production: Lietuvos kino studija
Lithuania, 1973, 20 min.