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The Feast has Come Again

 The film is of a regular Song Festival, however Verba has managed to reveal the fatigue and weariness that Socialism has left on people. It is definitely the director’s most gloomy film. Lithuanians now live in peaceful times, no one is being exiled and yet they face ideological violence every day. It is just a faked joy that we watch, with the movements of dancers and singers automatic and indifferent. The traditional Lithuanian Song Festival is full of Russian songs, red ties and foreign customs. It is a record of a raped nation, a record of a raped artist.


Scriptwriter: Robertas Verba
Cinematography: Stanislovas Griškevičius, Juozas Kazlauskas, Vladas Kostiugovas, Kornelijus Matuzevičius, Algimantas Mikutėnas, Zacharijus Putilovas
Production: Lietuvos kino studija
Lithuania, 1977, 20 min.