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Love Bloomed on Sunday

The film is a parody of the Soviet civil traditions of weddings, funerals, and naming ceremonies. The songs accompanying the customs serve as the voice of a narrator. Dressed in contemporary newlywed clothing, mannequins are chauffeured around in a film studio car. They go to the Open-Air Folk Life Museum, wander in the fields, and are filmed in with a background of century-old houses. “Being an eccentric element in the documentary environment”, film critic Živilė Pilipavičienė once wrote, “the stiff mannequin couple move along in the film disturbing the audience.”


Directors: Laima Pangonytė, Robertas Verba
Scriptwriter: Laima Pangonytė
Cinematography: Robertas Verba, Eugenijus Macius
Music Selection: Regimantas Kudirka
Film Editing: Povilas Pukys
Production: Lietuvos kino studija
Lithuania, 1976, 20 min.