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It is an ordinary day at a Warsaw oncology clinic where patients go to receive their chemotherapy treatment, otherwise known as chemo. Watching their faces in intimate close-ups, we enter wards full of chatter. Conversation seems to be part of the treatment, and chatting with a bedside neighbour part of the prescription. Women and men young and old debate the headscarves vs. Wigs issue, swap cabbage, home remedies, and hope for a good recovery. Life for them is in the moment, so there is little small talk – a father intends to live long enough to read his son’s master’s thesis, another plans to attend a wedding, while and an expectant mother looks forward to meeting her new baby. Their conversations fill the time before the session is over and bring us a snapshot of ordinary lives interrupted by an incomprehensible force. This startling and beautiful film is dedicated to film editor Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk, the director’s long-time colleague.

Festivals and Awards

New York Festivals, USA (2010) – the Gold World Medal Award
International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “One World”, Czech Republic (2010) – the Best Director Award
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (2010)
Krakow International Film Festival, Poland (2009) – the Silver Hobby-Horse for the Best Documentary Film
“Prix Europa” award for the Best TV Documentary, Germany (2009)
Lagov International Film Festival “Lubuskie Lato Filmowe”, Poland (2009) – the Golden Grape Award
Media Festival “Man under Threat” in Łódź, Poland (2009) – the White Cobra Award


Director and Scriptwriter: Paweł Łoziński
Cinematography: Kacper Lisowski
Sound: Paweł Łoziński
Film Editing: Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk, Dorota Wardęszkiewicz, Beata Liszewska
Producer: Paweł Łoziński
Production: Paweł Łoziński Produkcja Filmów / Telewizja Polska – I Program
Poland, 2009, 58 min.