Through Fire I Went

One cold autumn evening a young family loses their house in fire. These misfortunate people together with four children take shelter at their neighbour’s house. How does one raise oneself from the ashes? What is left when everything is lost?

Audrius Stonys

He was born in Vilnius in 1966. In 1989 he graduated with a degree in TV and film directing from the Vilnius Conservatory. In 1989 he studied at the Jonas Mekas Film Anthology Archives in New York. In 1992 his film Earth of the Blind received the Felix Award from the European Film Academy as Best Documentary Film of the year. In 2004-2005 he lectured on documentary cinema at the European Film College in Denmark. He is an active participant at various international creative workshops and is a jury member at film festivals.

Selected Filmography

Four Steps / Keturi žingsniai (2008)
The Bell / Varpas (2007)
Uku Ukai / Ūkų ūkai (2006)
Fedia. Three Minutes after Big Bang / Fedia. Trys minutės po Didžiojo sprogimo (1999)
Flying Over Blue Field / Skrajojimai mėlynam lauke (1996)
Antigravitation / Antigravitacija (1995)
Apostle of Ruins / Griuvėsių apaštalas (1993)
Earth of the Blind / Neregių žemė (1992)
Open the Door to Him Who Comes / Atverti duris ateinančiam (1989)


Director and Scriptwriter: Audrius Stonys
Cinematography: Audrius Kemežys
Sound: Viktoras Juzonis, Jonas Maksvytis
Film Editing: Viktoras Pročkys, Janina Sabeckienė
Producers: Arūnas Stoškus, Kęstutis Petrulis
Production: Studija 2
Lithuania, 2010, 38 min.